This medical grade, non-invasive skin resurfacing and results–oriented treatment combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction and hydration, all while infusing the face and neck  with potent antioxidants.


We merge invigorating spa therapies with advanced medical technology to achieve instant results.  Good for all skin types with no downtime or discomfort. Whether you’re concerned about acne, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, wrinkles, or just want to turn back time, we invite you to pamper your skin with a HydraFacial. 


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HydraFacial MD™Express w/Antiox 6 treatment

This treatment is suited to those that do not require extractions. This treatment can be added on to any of our classic facials for $105.00.

This treatment utilizes glucosamine and lactic acids to cleanse and evenly exfoliate the skin while removing impurities and dead skin cells. Additionally,  Hyaluron is infused deep into the skin cells to instantly promote plumper skin and minimize fine lines and wrinkles.  Radiant and glowing in no time at all!

$150/  30minutes         Series of 6: $750 (regularly $900) – get 6th treatment free!

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HydraFacial MD™Express  Plus Peel  

This treatment adds a Glycolic/Salicylic acid peel as selected by your skincare specialist depending upon your skin type to continue the cell renewal process and provides deeper  cleansing, tighter pores, leaving your skin looking visibly refreshed.   Glow on!

$175/ 30 minutes        Series of 6 - $875 (regularly $1,050) – get 6th treatment free!

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HydraFacial MD™  Brightening Treatment

Illuminate your skin with the addition of Britenol to your HydraFacial treatment.  This  Vitamin C based serum will reduce  the appearance of dark spots and pigmentation  and leave your  skin brighter with a more even complexion. Brighten away drab and gray!

$230 / 30 minutes       Series of 6: $1,150 (regularly $1,380) – get 6th treatment free!

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HydraFacial  MD ™  Skin Tightening Treatment  

Plump and firm your skin with this face and neck  tightening treatment! The Hydrafacial resurfacing procedure cleanses and exfoliates your skin while simultaneously infusing your skin with hydration and powerful antioxidants. The addition of  the powerful and proprietary CTGF serum and LED light therapy will  stimulate collagen production and cellular repair mechanisms, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving  your skin gleaming and youthful. Lift, Lift, Lift!

$245 / 45 minutes       Series of 6: $1225 (regularly $1470) – get 6th treatment free!

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HydraFacial MD™ Deluxe

Reverse the hands of time with this  gold standard treatment.  This  Deluxe treatment harnesses all  the rejuvenating power of the HydraFacial medical grade procedures  - superior exfoliation, deep pore cleaning, extractions,  infusions of hydrating and nourishing serums -- into one treatment customized for your unique skin condition.  Whether your concern is anti-aging, environmental damage, acne or more, this scientifically advanced skin care treatment will improve the quality of your skin and restore its vitality. Show Stopper!

$275/  45 minutes       Series of 6: $1,375 (regularly $1,650) – get 6th treatment free! 

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All of our HydraFacial treatments above include treatment for the face and neck area.  You can boost your HydraFacial regimen and results by adding on additional areas:        

Hands $65            Decolette $105


Other Pampering Add-ons available during Hydrafacial treatments

Britenol Boost $60   *** CTGF Serum Infusion $65  *** LED Light Therapy $50 *** Lymphatic Drainage $25 

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