Due to COVID-19 our physical locations are closed for hands-on services. We have designed

Beauty Survival Kits you can do at home and products are available.

Please contact us for latest updates and read below.

My Dear Clients and Friends,

Wow, what a quick shift we are experiencing in our carefully scheduled lives.

I am sure we all have fear, angst, and worry for the unknown. Times are continuing to change; it is difficult to keep up and I know it can be overwhelming. So, let us stop, take a minute...and breathe together. Let me take a moment to tell you how grateful I am for family, my colleagues, and of course, all of you. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your loyalty, and continued support, over the years. They have been filled with amazing conversations and stories, laughter, and our tears...such profound human interactions. I have truly been blessed. We are so filled with gratitude for being able to provide the MJS experience for you. As Confucius once said, "Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life."

This has truly been my truth with all of you. I am here to remind you to lean on us, keep smiling, and know we stand here with open arms of support. As we move forward, MJS is committed to evolving with these times. We stand in solidarity with all of our healers around the world. MJS continues to be a brand rooted in positivity, grace, and effortless survival.
  Self-care and preservation of health is paramount. Nature is our best teacher and she adapts with change. As many of you know, we look out onto the unknown and while I am not sure what the future will bring, I am sure of the importance of my continued commitment to all of you. My team and I have spent the past two weeks brainstorming and creating ways to develop your internal and external beauty. We want to share more ways to feel stronger, find our vitality, and have our skin express this, as well. In the spirit of this energy, we are now offering remote services for all of you that carry the same therapeutic resonance as the salon.

MJS is now offering Beauty Survival Kits. You can read about them in detail below. In addition, we are offering personal ZOOM sessions with Marilyn. In these 20 minute sessions learn how to create morning and evening regimens. These may be added on to any Survival Kit. One of the most exciting pieces of this new chapter is the ability to take MJ into your home with you.

Finally, MJS is collaborating with an Eastern medicine practitioner, Nisha Devi, to co-teach facial breathwork and acupressure. Both these techniques promote blood circulation and vitality. They speed up cellular regeneration and  internal healing while creating a youthful glow. We will be launching this program within the next week. 


We look forward to continuing our journey of self-care and healing with you. Grace and effortless survival is our vision. We stand with you heart to heart. Although our physical location may be closed, our energetic presence is much larger. We are committed to continuing our work with you.





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