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Living Well...

healthy body. healthy mind. healthy soul.  

Working together you can achieve all three. Here is a contact list of many of the special people that MJSS has been involved with throughout the years to achieve overall wellness inside and out. We are happy to share their information so you can reach out whenever you need guidance. And, if you are still looking for something not listed, give us a call and we can help you find whatever you need!

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Esther Arnold - helped design the San Francisco Studio

6596 Chabot Road, Oakland

(510) 710-6366


Crome Archietecture (Mimi Chen) - AIA

905 4th Street, San Rafael



Marnie Wright - Commercial and Residential Architecture and Interior Design                 


Diane Goldstein

(415) 260-5926


Freya Prowe - Feminine pieces done on recycled materials, has art displayed throughout both Rockridge and San Francisco studios

(323) 350-1042


Kate Salenfriend - Still life, fruits, floral, has art displayed throughout both Rockridge and San Francisco

Custom Cabinetry

Sung Kim - Beautifully crafted all of the woodwork in Marilyn’s San Francisco studio

(510) 295-8665

Event Planning

Laura Morales - Wedding event planner

(415) 971-6595

Feng Shui

9 Star Productions (Deborah Gee)-Marilyn’s personal feng shui artist

1736 Stockton Street #9, SF

(415) 398-0292


Kimberly Urrea

(415) 250-4275


Freya Prowe

(323) 350-1042


Delicate Daisy/Roxanne Rockwell

(415) 752-2480


Thistledown-Right down the street from San Francisco studio

3695 Sacramento Street, SF

(415) 346-2555

Home & Gifts

Bath Sense-Right down the street, cute robes, pajamas, and bath goods

412 Presidio Ave, SF

(415) 795-3459

Landscape & Gardening


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              (415) 317-3311

Beth Mullens-landscaping, architectural landscape, interior design, San Francisco and surrounding areas

1082 Pennsylvania Ave, SF

(415) 336-9829


Angela Photography-Specializes in capturing people of all ages candidly

(510) 326-9018


Susan Sizer-Portraiture and weddings

(415) 518-6537


Colleen Gallagher

(415) 279-6200

Solar Shades

Martin Kobus                                                 

4000 Bridgeway, Sausalito

(415) 331-3755

Venetian Plasterer

Carla Eagleton

(415) 336-3924


McCalls Catering & Events

350 Florida Street, SF

(415) 552-8550


Anna Spraungel, Events Management

(415) 321-6749


Citizen Chef


Becker Crowley Catering

(510) 434-1650

4327 Fleming Avenue, Oakland


Richard Kaiser

(925) 757-2661


Marilyn Drobenaire

(510) 682-6313

143 Draeger Drive, Moraga

Eco Cleaning Products
House Cleaning

Yennifer Santisteban

(415) 518-6873

Dog Walking

San Francisco Dog Adventures, Liam O’Connor


Pharmaca Integrative pharmacy

(510) 740-1468

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