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Living Well...

healthy body. healthy mind. healthy soul.  

Working together you can achieve all three. Here is a contact list of many of the special people that MJSS has been involved with throughout the years to achieve overall wellness inside and out. We are happy to share their information so you can reach out whenever you need guidance. And, if you are still looking for something not listed, give us a call and we can help you find whatever you need!

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David Ballon Strength & Fitness – MJ’s husband


Advanced Wellness - personal training, group classes, right down the street         

2940 Geary Blvd, SF

(415) 928-9355


Bay Functional Fitness

5255 College Ave, Oakland - East bay, next door to our Rockridge studio, group classes and personal training                             

(510) 891-1123                                               


Liz Lloyd Fitness (Bay Functional Fitness) - Personal Trainer

(510) 612-5253

Fitness Apparel

Hyde Yoga – Brooke Cosby-Organic, American made, online retailer                                 

(646) 330-4646

Holistic Health & Wellness

Dr. Beth McDougall - integrative medicine

125 Throckmorton, Mill Valley

(415) 388-5520


Carla Moss - life coach, dietary programs

(415) 812-7415


Intuitive Wellness - corporate wellness, life coaching                                                              

(415) 971-7556                                             


Living Greens – Dayme-Juicing, delivery, 2 locations: Financial district, Bernal heights                                                                                                                             

1501 Cortland Ave, SF

(415) 602-9513


Aysta Skin Elixir – Chris Aysta- Skin elixir, spirit lifter, locally made refreshing spray                                                                              

415) 845-4512


Monavie (ref # 12-88725)-antioxidant juice blend

(415) 751-0647


Dr. Lorraine Mulvihill - nutritional counseling

3608 Sacramento Street, SF - SF and Marin locations, right down the street

(888) 945-6887


BioMat-Brent Willett                                                  

(510) 205-5675


Azzolino Chiropractic Neurology & Integrative Wellness

1545 Broadway, Ground Floor San Francisco, CA 94109

(415) 563-3800


Kerry Coulter - personal training

(415) 246-0746


Mercury Fitness - classes and one-on-one sessions

2904 Laguna Street, SF

(415) 567-9009


Mighty Pilates - Right down the street, group classes, workshops

3654 Sacramento Street, SF

(415) 563-1947



(415) 596-8847

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