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Marilyn Jaeger Skincare is not just for the ladies- we love our men, too!  Get heroic, handsome, relaxed and restored with us.  While every service we provide is available for both men and women, here are a few of our most popular services “for men” that have the ladies turning heads and the gents coming back for more…

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Pore Refining Bella Facial  

Needing an express facial refresh? This 35 minute facial focuses on a thorough cleaning, European style steam and extractions to open and unclog pores and allow nutrient rich enzymes to tighten pores and improve skin appearance.  Reset and ready to go! Add any peel, mask or enhancement to improve the texture and structural integrity of your skin!

$115  35 Minutes

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This patented Hydrabrasion uses a unique HydraPeel™ tip to plane away dead and damaged skin cells, revealing brighter, plumper and softer skin, while at the same time flushing your skin with a nourishing blend of serums to hydrate and moisturize. You will leave dewy, moist and fresh as a daisy!

$150-295 | Only $115 when added to a facial

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Waxing for Men

Brow Design $39 and up

Furry brows?  We will artfully sculpt a gentlemen’s brow for more “open” eyes.  A little here and a little there is all you may need!  

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Distinguished Gent $55

Frame your face and remove hair in a remarkable way. The distinguished gent removes unwanted hair from your nose and ears, and includes brow design as well!

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Male Full  Back $67

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Male Shoulders $25

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Flying Squirrel (male Brazilian) | $125+

All things Brazilian, that includes you, MEN. Professional, private and smooth. MJs signature technique keeps it as painless as possible. Please call to book this appointment.

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SPOTLESS by Marilyn Jaeger, is a potion for ingrown hairs, problem prone skin and aftershave to use as a treatment toner on your face. SPOTLESS has a patented molecule, QusomeTM. Using green tea as a delivery vehicle, Qusome penetrates deeper into the layers of the stratum corneum while dissolving unwanted bacteria that causes ingrown hairs and blemishes.  It releases active ingredients that attack and diminish bacteria, IT KNOWS WHERE TO GO!  In conjunction with the QusomeTM, there is an Antioxidant blend that works synergistically, reducing the redness and irritation commonly found after waxing and shaving services.  It's safe to use immediately following shaving without any burning or irritation.  SPOTLESS is very soothing, making it an excellent remedy for men immediately after shaving, on children’s bug bites and as a spot treatment for acne prone skin.

1 oz Roll on $23.00        Shop Now

2 oz  Roll on $33.00        Shop Now

16 oz Family Pump Bottle $99    Shop Now

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