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About Us

This Little Green Gem of Presidio Heights is built eco-friendly with reclaimed natural woods and materials, energy and operating efficiency, climate control, non-toxic materials, cleaning products and supplies to create positive change in our community.

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Our Philosophy

Marilyn's philosophy embraces consistency, attention to detail, and attentiveness, giving you the feeling that you are at a friends home. Every technician is highly trained in her unique artistry and personal style. They love what they do and it is clearly reflected in their incomparable services. Marilyn and her team have established a loyal clientele by nurturing relationships that benefit not only the client's skin but their personal well being. Marilyn's ambassadors of customer service greet you with an elixir of your choice as the tranquility of the surroundings begin to restore your inner peace. You will relax and enjoy the treatmentsyou choose, all designed to relieve stress while being customized to your specific needs. Marilyn and her team take great pride in all of their treatments, each designed to promote a healthy body, healthy spirit, and healthy skin.


We select cutting-edge products for inside and out so you can continue your skincare regime at home and take your Studio experience with you.

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